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multirow — Access and modify rows and columns of a multirow data source


package require nstcl-templating ?1.0?
package require nstcl ?1.0?

::nstcl::multirow arg ?...?

::template::multirow arg ?...?


This command is an alternative to db_multirow for creating multirow data sources, and also allows you to modify an existing multirow data source.

multirow append name value ?value ...?
Append a new row to the end of the data source. Any extra values are ignored, and any missing values will default to the empty string.

multirow create name column ?column ...?
Creates a new multirow data source.

multirow get name index ?column?
If column is specified, the value of that column, from the specified row, is returned. If column is omitted, then name will be set to a reference to an array containing the values for the specified row. index is a natural number, and the rows in a data source are always indexed beginning at 1 and not at zero.

multirow set name index column value
Sets the value of a column in the specified row.

multirow size name
Returns the number of rows in the data source.




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