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ns_sendmail — Sends an email via SMTP


package require nstcl-sendmail ?1.0?
package require nstcl ?1.0?

::nstcl::ns_sendmail to from subject body ?headers? ?bcc?


ns_sendmail sends an email message via SMTP, to one or more recipients, from someone, with the given subject and body.

Optionally an ns_set of headers to add to the outgoing message can be specified, along with a list of bcc (blind carbon copy) recipients.

Multiple recipients may be specified for both to and bcc by separating them with a comma. (For example, "johndoe@example.com,sallysmith@example.com".)

By default ns_sendmail will attempt to connect to an SMTP server running on localhost at port 25. You can use ::nstcl::configure_sendmail server ?port? to change these defaults.


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