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ad_proc — Define a procedure


package require nstcl-core ?1.0?
package require nstcl ?1.0?

::nstcl::ad_proc ?-public? ?-private? ?-deprecated? ?-warn? arg_list ?documentation? code


ad_proc is an enhancement over Tcl's built-in proc command that supports several types of switches in the arg_list (along with all the types supported by proc).

Types of args understood by proc:

Single variable foo.
Special args variable that collects all remaining arguments into a list when specified as the last argument.
{foo bar}
Multiple variables, foo and bar.
{foo {bar baz}}
One required variable foo, and an optional variable bar that will default to a value of baz if another value is not provided.
{foo {bar baz} args}
One required variable, an optional variable with a default, and args as a catch-all.

Additional types understood by ad_proc:

An optional switch foo; a local variable named foo_p will be set to 1 if this switch was present, 0 otherwise.
A required switch bar; a local variable named bar will be set. An error is thrown if the procedure is invoked without specifying a value for this switch.
{-baz default}
An optional switch baz. If the switch is specified the local variable baz is set to the specified value, otherwise the local variable baz will be set to default.
An optional switch zab. The local variable zab will be set only if specified by the caller; otherwise, the variable will not exist.

Switch parameters must be listed first before any positional parameters. When invoking a procedure which has optional switches, and there is a possibility that the first positional parameter may begin with a hyphen, use "--" to indicate that there are no more switches to parse.


Use when the procedure is part of a public API.
Use when the procedure is private.
Used to indicate that the procedure should no longer be used.
Used to indicate that a warning should be emited when the procedure is invoked.